Kimberly Knight

HBSc., J.D.

Kimberly completed a Honours Bachelor of Science with a Specialist in Environmental Science and a Biology Major at UTM in 2010. She continued to be a member of ECSpeRT while attending the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, and today is a practicing lawyer in the areas of medical negligence and pharmaceutical class action. During her time at ECSpeRT, Kimberly was a member of our executive team as the Divisional Training Officer.

Why did you decide to join ECSpeRT?

“A friend of mine, Marc Cerulli, was part of ECSpeRT and said I should join. I had no particular medical skills and I never intended on going into a health profession but I wanted to make some friends and this seemed like a good way to also give back to the community.”

What is your fondest memory of ECSpeRT?

“My best memories on University were directly as a result of being a part of ECSpeRT. It would be impossible to describe just one. The best friends I have to do this day were made through ECSpeRT and we still remain as close as family.”

What is the most rewarding skill you acquired during your time at ECSpeRT?

“ECSpeRT taught me so many things that helped shape the person I am today. I was shy and reserved when I started and it taught me to be confident; outgoing, self-reliant and able to adapt to a changing situation. It taught me invaluable interpersonal skills and how to handle various social and emergency situations. The medical skills were great to learn but they are only the tip of the iceberg for the invaluable life experiences that ECSpeRT brought me. It sounds cliche but I wouldn’t be who I am, or have the close bonds to the people I do today, without ECSpeRT.”

What advice do you have for current ECSpeRT members and those who aspire to join the team?

“Just do it. Join, take the leap, suffer through any discomfort or awkwardness and you will be immensely rewarded. It doesn't matter if you don't plan on doing anything medical related after you graduate, what you do at ECSpeRT will never be time wasted. You will get out what you put in. Stay late, go out for social events with team members, help each other out, do extra hours - every moment you put in will, in the long run, pay off threefold. This opportunity to be a part of this family and provide this community service will teach you leadership and other skills that you will put to use every day in your life thereafter. Being a part of the team and those bonding experiences will likely be some of the best days of your lives - cherish them!”