Khondoker M. Rashid


Khondoker completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in 2013 with a double Major in Biology and Geography and a Minor in Geographical Information System. After UTM, Khondoker went to Humber College for their Paramedic Program and is now a Primary Care Paramedic with WAHA Paramedic Service. While with ECSpeRT Khondoker was a Medical First Responder but also became a Standard First Aid instructor and the Unit Chief of the Humber Campus Emergency Response Team (HCERT), which is also a division of St. John Ambulance.

Why did you decide to join ECSpeRT?

“I always wanted to do something to help others and this seemed like a great opportunity while I was in university. I was curious in the field and wanted to give it a try and see what I could do. I wanted to join a lot sooner but I knew I couldn’t commit myself as much, so I waited till I was sure I could do something.

“When I joined ECSpeRT, I was changing my majors, was indecisive, still trying to make a solid plan for my career like most students do throughout their university years. After finishing my undergrad, I was debating between masters or another quick diploma course to get a decent job (cause I didn’t know what job to do with undergrad in ‘life-sciences’). I was filled with questions such as “if masters, what would that be in? where would I go from there? What if I don’t like what I’d be doing after?”. I had always wanted to do something where I could make a difference, hence why I joined ECSpeRT in the first place. That got me thinking … why not take that further? Before I could commit myself and waste time and money on becoming a Paramedic, I wanted to make sure this was the right choice for me. Afterall, I wasn’t getting any younger and this is something very demanding (physically, mentally, emotionally). So I did patient transfer, event medical services, anything remotely I thought could let me get more insight into paramedics and stuff they see… and how am I reacting to them / handling them. Once I was sure that is something I could see myself doing as a career, I started discussing it with my friends (of course some of those friends were also the ones I’ve met at ECSpeRT). They started telling me “I was meant to do something like being a paramedic”. It wasn’t an easy journey nor it was short. Being newly married, dealing with my past serious injury, financial troubles, deaths in the family throughout my program … life really tested me throughout the process. But it had made me that much stronger … made me appreciate things even more. Today, I’m proud to say I am a paramedic who loves his career even with all the baggage it comes with. But would I have thought of become a paramedic if I never joined ECSpeRT? … probably not.”

What is your fondest memory of ECSpeRT?

“Annual Collingwood trip 😊”

What is the most rewarding skill you acquired during your time at ECSpeRT?

“Teamwork, professionalism, time-management, multitasking, quick-thinking, and self emotional control.”

What advice do you have for current ECSpeRT members and those who aspire to join the team?

“Consider yourself very fortunate to be part of ECSpeRT. This is a very unique opportunity indeed. What makes it even more special is the environment, people, and dynamic this team is surrounded with which cannot be found with any other team. If you’ve ever wanted to be part something more than “just a place to volunteer at”, something more than “working together with a group of people”, and something more than “oh I get to wear uniform”, then you’ve come to the right place (and yes you still get to wear the uniform). ECSpeRT makes you feel welcomed. You’re not just another team member, you’re all like a tight family with its unique bond filled with laughter, sadness, and full of support. People join ECSpeRT to volunteer … to make their resume look good … to wear uniform … to be part of something that’s doing great things for the community, etc. … but by the time the leave, they have gained friends for life … a family to always remember … a part of life they’d never forget … a beautiful memory that perhaps they’d share one day with their grandchildren. Regardless of why you joined or want to join ECSpeRT initially, if you change your attitude, adapt, let the team bring out the best in you … I guarantee you, it’s an experience you’d never get anywhere else. So, keep an open mind & positive attitude. Only YOU limit what you gain from this experience.”