Kamran Mir-Moghtadaei

Equipment and Supplies Corporal

Kamran Mir-Moghtadaei is a fourth-year student pursuing his HBSc as a Comparative Physiology Specialist at the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM). He has been a member of ECSpeRT since September 2016. After becoming an Advanced Medical First Responder, he was eager to be more involved and play a more significant role on the team. He served as the Equipment and Supplies Corporal for two years, after being promoted to the position by the divisional superintendent in early 2017. He is tasked with the challenge of ensuring that all members are well equipped with supplies that would be necessary for first aid.

Aside from serving as the Equipment and Supplies Corporal Kamran took the initiative to go above and beyond his role. He developed and maintains the current ECSpeRT website. He also designed, negotiated and delivered new ECSpeRT jackets to all MFRs. This was accompanied by a successful ad campaign which included creating and edited videos followed by a web page advertising the jackets. Moreover, Kamran designed and negotiated a new uniform for all ECSpeRT members in October 2017. These are only a few of the work Kamran has done for the organization. All above tasks were performed for the organization free of charge.

For more information about the jackets designed by Kamran, please click on this link: