Anish Jammu

Member Services Coordinator

Anish is a HBSc student specializing in Biology at University of Toronto Mississauga. She learned about ECSpeRT during her first year of university when she saw members of the team responding to a medical emergency on campus. Upon realizing the great contribution of ECSpeRT to the health/ safety of faculty, students and visitors of UTM, Anish knew she was interested in being a part of this incredible organization.

Anish joined ECSpeRT as an observer in the fall semester of 2015 with the goal of becoming an Advanced Medical First Responder and an executive team member so that she could make a greater contribution to the campus community and her team. In February 2016, Anish became a qualified Advanced Medical First Responder (AMFR) and in September 2016, she assumed the role of Member Services Corporal.

After serving the team and the campus in these roles, she was appointed to the position of Member Services Coordinator in April 2017. Over the years, Anish has remained committed to serving the campus community through on-call, overnight and event coverage alongside here responsibilities to the team as an officer.

In addition to ECSpeRT, Anish has a strong interest in global health which led her to the role of president of UTM Students for Partners in Health. She is also a Canadian Forces Cadet Instructor Cadre officer and a glider pilot who enjoys spending her summers at least 2000 ft AGL.