Automated External Defibs

Students, faculty, and UTM community members, please orient yourselves with the locations of all the AEDs on campus should you come across an emergency that requires one! This map shows all the AEDs' locations on campus with directions and photographs of where they are in each building.

As one of the services we provide to UTM, ECSpeRT is in charge of the maintenance of the AEDs on campus. Monthly, ECSpeRT members perform maintenance checks on the AEDs to ensure batteries are functioning, the pads are not expired, AED case alarms are working and more. If you every notice any issues with the AEDs or that an AED is missing without a sign stating it is removed for maintenance, please contact us by email at or stop by our office 250 in the student centre to let us know!

**The AEDs in both Kaneff and The Instructional Centre (IB) Building are temporarily out of order

Erindale College Special Response Team (ON-D1175) Room SC-250, University of Toronto at Mississauga 3359 Mississauga Road North Mississauga ON L5L 1C6